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How to perform a CenturyLink speed test?

The downloading test, jump evaluation, transfer test, speed of Wi-Fi test, slowness test, and ping test are just a few of the most important factors that the CenturyLink speed test at weighs. You can either reset the router or use methods for problem solving to restore the network speed if the test results are far from acceptable. Reach out to CenturyLink support if any of these methods seem to improve your internet speed.

How do you take a speed test?

Just hit the "Go" choice, and the test starts without pause.


Why Is your Internet So Slow With CenturyLink?

Slow internet is a hardship in this day of technological advancement, when our lives are fully dependent on it. From learning to health, work to entertainment, the internet has become the foundation of our lives, and we don't want a weak signal or slow internet in any situation.

Your internet connections are always falling, and you can't connect to your online interview.
You have no way to establish the reason for your slow internet and wish to test your internet speed.

In any case, you've come to the correct place since we'll walk you through the CenturyLink internet speed test and how to use its application. So, make sure to finish this post and read it completely!

What Is the CenturyLink Speed Test Tool?

The CenturyLink speed test tool is an easy and reliable means to test your internet speed using your CenturyLink connection. This application provides realistic internet speed data and calculates the speed per second in a matter of minutes after doing many tests on the connection you have. The following tests are used by this application to evaluate your total CenturyLink speed:

1. Jitter
2. Ping 
3. Download Speed Test
4. Upload Speed Test

The download and upload speed tests are the two main components of any CenturyLink or other internet speed test programmer. So, let's go over them in more detail.

Download Speed Evaluation

This test starts by locating and connecting to the nearest server to your testing device. After properly connecting, the programmer downloads a tiny quantity of data (in bits) to your device while also measuring the time it takes your internet to download. After calculating, the programmer displays the downloading speed of the internet connection in seconds.

Download Speed Evaluation

The tool, like a download speed test, connects the testing device, such a cell phone, device, the personal computer, or computer, to the local site first. After connecting, it sends a few short data files in the same format to the server. At the same time, the tool establishes the time it takes the computer to upload the data files. The upload speed test result will be shown by the tool after a few minutes of waiting.

Which Short Step-by-Step Guide to Taking the CenturyLink Internet Speed Test?

If you wish to take the CenturyLink internet speed test, follow the steps listed below:

  • Launch the CenturyLink internet speed test in the Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or a different browser.
  • The four images at the bottom of the image represent the speeds of the download and upload tests, and they also represent the test for ping and jittery tests.
  • After clicking, the programmer will carry out the four mentioned above tests for a few minutes to offer an average and realistic CenturyLink internet speed test.
  • Following that, you can view the internet speed test results for your CenturyLink internet connection.

Why Should You Perform a CenturyLink Internet Speed Test?

The concept of "Online speed test" is not what most of us believe. Though the internet makes our lives simpler with every passing day, our needs change. Someone who works in information technology and runs heavy applications at the same time needs a more powerful internet connection than someone just checking the pizza recipe.

Fast internet is defined as an internet with a perfect speed allowing us to access information swiftly and quickly transfer and upload files without pause or signal loss.

And if you believe your internet speed is insufficient for your tasks and wish to check in, then verify your internet speed.


The CenturyLink speed test is a useful tool for evaluating how well your internet connection is working. You can get precise and realistic information about the speed of your CenturyLink internet by doing tests for download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter. The speed test can help you discover the issue and take the necessary actions to strengthen your connection if you suffer slow internet or connectivity problems. The CenturyLink speed test enables you to assess the suitability of your current internet speed and take necessary steps to improve it, whether you require a quicker internet connection for work, school, or entertainment purposes. You can make sure that your internet connection satisfies your needs and supports your online activity by using the speed test tool and reviewing the findings.