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What is the PTCL speed test Tool?

The PTCL Speed Test app allows PTCL Broadband Internet subscribers (as well as those from other networks) to check their Broadband Speed. The Pakistani government and a few other companies control it. Using our website, you can quickly track your upload and download speeds, as well as your connection percentage, ping test, and nervousness.

When may you perform the PTCL Internet Speed Test?

Open a web page and go to Online speed test

  • Pick your own Internet or allow it to select the top Internet Service Provider for you.
  • To start the Internet Speed Test, hit the 'GO' button.

PTCL speed test Tool

PTCL internet speed test Tool

What is the PTCL Internet Speed Test?

During the beginning of 2000, the use of the internet has grown more than five times, and about 2.7 billion people are connected to the internet, with the median speed customer using 12.5GB per month. This is the same as receiving 4800 letters every day or 110 MP3s per day.

When comparing internet speeds of the most popular countries, the Republic of Korea places first with a median download rate of 38MBPS, while the United States of America is second with a normal download speed of 30MBPS, even though having the most internet users (96.49% of the population).

Organizations and Industries:

PTCL offers fast speeds Internet the web, CharJi internet connectivity, over-the-top (OTT) applications including Intelligent Connect application, Smart Television App, and touching application, in addition to leading-tier digital media like as YouTube, iflix, and influx, amongst other services and products offered over the nation's top fixed-line system. Smart the internet, the third level Accredited Information Centers, Service Management, and Microwave Solutions from PTCL meet the company's networking requirements and let it function better.

Telephone Sets:

PTCL provides corded and phone systems for personal and business use. These permanent handsets supplement a PTCL the consumer’s phone number through offering unmistakable sound, excellent contact identification, an instant machine, and a number of additional benefits.

Customers that purchase an internet connection also get added services such as PTCL Islamic Solutions, PTCL cricket Info the Service, Audio Email the Service, and more.


PTCL serves wireless as well as cable connection to the internet. Quick Connectivity is PTCL's price Connectivity-to-the-Home (FTTH) product. It has the fastest internet in the country, having internet rates of up to 250 Mbps and no data limitations.


PTCL supplies economical high-speed internet data. The company's Smart Spot service allows consumers to connect to the Internet from everywhere on their land using a variety of devices. Users that connect to PTCL Internet receive high-speed internet connections as well as Web Fixed IP.


Internet access messages are prone to disturbance from other household devices and appliances, which may affect the signal strength. Users can benefit from the PTCL's Wi-Fi Channels and Modem Placement Guidelines.


PTCL Smart TV is Pakistan's first IPTV service, or offering televisions that are high-definition with a range of exciting functions to entertain users. It is offered in more than 150 sets with over 130 live TV stations. Here is a television Application for PTCL internet, intelligent television, and CharJi users which is completely free to use.

Because uploading speed is thought of as to be the least significant element in internet speeds, transfers are shorter. When uploading a large file or an image to Instagram or another web page, an internet user could run into issues.


The PTCL Speed Test Tool is a helpful resource for PTCL Fiber members in Pakistan, as well as users from other networks, to evaluate their internet speed. It allows users to follow their upload and download speeds, check their connection percentage terms, do an Internet ping test, and evaluate network stability. Users can easily start the test and pick up useful information about their internet connection by checking the company's official site or using the PTCL Speed Test application.

The internet has grown considerably in the past few years, with millions of people world linking and consuming enormous quantities of data. When analyzing worldwide internet speeds, countries such as the South of Korea and the United States stand out because of their elevated mean speeds for downloading. As the largest internet supplier in Pakistan, PTCL offers fast internet speeds, offering Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) a link with prices up to 250 Mbps and without usage limits. PTCL additionally offers a number of services and goods, such as OTT apps, online entertainment, telephone networks, and smart television solutions.